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Greepers are the best shoelaces you’ll ever use: simple to fit, easy to use and they never come undone! Greepers continue to gain wide acclaim and can be fitted to all lace up footwear.

Made with real (not elastic) laces ensures several key benefits:

  • optimum “foot to shoe coupling”
  • maximises performance of footwear
  • reduces chances of injury

These laces come in 140cm length and are cut to fit. They have a quick release toggle, a strong and durable lace making them perfect for school shoes and other lace up options for children.

The patented GREEPER® fastening system ensures the laces never come undone and can be easily loosened and tightened.

So whether you’re off to a triathlon, the mountain trails, the park, school, the office or just chilling out, Greeper® Laces are the laces you need.

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